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Russian National Hymn.


Crimea - the peninsula in the south-east Europe. Official Name - The Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

The Crimean peninsula is situated in the south of Ukraine between 33-37 ° in. e., 44-46 ° c. Rd. Area of the peninsula about 27 thousand km ², of which 72% - Plain 20% - 8% and the mountains - lakes and other water bodies. Washed by the west and south of the Black and Azov Seas in the east. To the north is connected with the continent narrow (up to 8 km) Perekop isthmus. In eastern Crimea, the Black Sea and Azov Sea, Kerch Peninsula is located on the west shoulder of the Crimean peninsula formed Tarkhankutskii.

Famous resort areas:

* South Coast of Crimea - Yalta and Alushtinsky regions
* West Coast - Yevpatoriya-Saki Region
* South-East Coast - Feodosia and Sudak regions.

Russian language is used to communicate the absolute majority - 97% of the total population of Crimea.

Every city in the Crimea is connected to the other settlements of the bus routes. There are inter-trolleybus routes (on the highway Simferopol airport - Simferopol - Alushta - Yalta). Yalta, Feodosia, Kerch, Sevastopol, Black Sea and connected by sea routes Yevpatoriya. In Yevpatoriya have trams. Railway lines Armyansk - Kerch (with a branch in Feodosiya) and Simferopol - Sevastopol (with a branch at Yevpatoriya) connects Crimea to the continent.

In Crimea you can find many holiday homes, camps (for example, Artek), the different hotels from the simple to five. The most popular places to rest - Yalta and Alushta, along with the entire southern coast of Crimea, Sudak, Evpatoria.

Crimea unique, unique corner of our planet, the very nature designed for travel, recreation, rehabilitation and treatment. It can offer much more than the famous Mediterranean resorts, different unless a higher level of comfort.

A healthy climate, warm sea with beautiful beaches, mud, hot mineral waters, extraordinary beauty of the landscapes. And, of course, buried in verdure numerous old parks, health - from luxury star hotels and country houses, palaces, meet the requirements of the highest international class - up to a modest level of comfort baths, accessible to people with middle. All this - the Crimea!

Balaklava - village in south-west coast of the Crimean peninsula. Balaklava is a popular Crimean resort. Tourists are attracted not only a city with ancient history and a large number of monuments, but also the surrounding beaches, reachable by boat, and the picturesque cliffs of the cape Aya with grotto.

Black Prince
In the middle of last century (1854-1856 gg.) Place the so-called East war.
This is the beginning of the war Russia against Turkey. In November 1854 the town of Balaklava, arrived with a valuable cargo ship new English «Prince». He brought to the army of warm clothing and medicines, as they say, thirty-like a barrel of gold in the English and Turkish currency worth more than two million rubles to pay wages to troops. November 10, arrived in Balaklava quartermaster-general and ordered to urgently begin unloading «Prince», as the arriving shipment was now urgently needed for the war. November 11, the weather changed dramatically and the sea rose high sea. «There was a hurricane, which is never seen in England», - said the witness the disaster.
Thirty ships with almost all the people killed in less than one hour. And along with these vehicles, the fifth in the account, died steamer «Prince». Barrels of gold at a huge sum went to the bottom along with the steamer. The true amount of anyone in the accuracy was not known. In English the book «The Crimean War» (1877) it was said that «Prince» vez five hundred thousand pounds sterling, and warm clothing.
And now a few years after the Crimean War began searching for this gold.
The search for artificial gold to nothing.
Meanwhile around the «Prince» rumors began to grow and become established legends. The amount of dead gold gradually increased and finally reached up to sixty million.
Around «Prince» were created fairy tales and legends. Both the «Prince» suddenly became known as «the Black Prince».
Overall, it was found four gold coins, one British pound sterling, a gold Turkish lira and a French silver five-franc coin.
Same Japanese expedition spent about two hundred thousand rubles in gold.
So, here is another country that has almost a quarter of a million gold spent in this enterprise.
A number of countries severely affected in the «Black Prince». Over eighty years have spent huge money. Several of the German business, one American, one Norwegian, several Russian businessmen and inventors very costly, starting the search for «the Black Prince». France, as is known, has spent half a million. Italy lost two hundred thousand gold rubles.
In general, the case has taken a catastrophic nature.
What is the essence? Why such failures chased all seeking gold «Black Prince»?
And whether it was gold? Maybe it was a myth, based on flimsy grounds and untested? It may be that gullible people are prone to the romantic stories, think of all this?

Yalta is on the southern Crimean peninsula. In the southern part of the Crimean Peninsula are the Crimean Mountains. They represent a complex mixture of small mountain ridges, rocky ridges and hollows. Yalta - a recognized capital of the Crimean resorts. Sea at Yalta - a wonderful, tender and magnificent. It is impossible to Yalta with the sea. It came into her life and gave it a name.

Leaving the Crimea, you will remain vivid impression on the meeting with this magical land, and the overpowering desire to again and again to visit this remarkable peninsula.

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Krasnodar - City (from 1867) in southern Russia, the administrative center of Krasnodar territory, the historic center of the political and geographical area Kuban, informally called the capital of the Kuban and the southern capital of Russia. Founded in 1793, until 1920, was called Ekaterinodar.
The population of the city - 709 thousand inhabitants (2007) (17 th place in Russia), with subordinate settlements - 791 thousand. While the entire post-Soviet period and the total urban population of Russia is declining, Krasnodar - one of the few cities which has increased the population: for 80 people (almost 15%).

Krasnodar Region is located in the Northwest Caucasus. The length from north to south is about 400 km from east to west - about 360 km.

The determining factor in the growth of the population of the city (and region) authorities and experts called economic migration from all over the North Caucasus in southern Russia, Ukraine and the Caucasus, many of which are on their way, along with the Krasnodar Rostov-on-Don (who, along with their area commensurate took a very large number of migrants) has highlighted the level of development. The attractive town of Sochi and unallocated surplus of labor resource, the capital of Russian North Caucasus republic of Krasnodar and less in size and development, and have the specifics. Stavropol and Astrakhan (also a significant number of migrants) - less than in Krasnodar, Volgograd, Moscow and other cities - more and more numerous.

Jun 30, 1792 Catherine II signed the instrument of grant the Black Sea Cossack armies "in the eternal ownership consists of Tauria Island Fanagariya with all the land lying on the right side of the Kuban River, and on the other Sea of Azov to the Eisk town served as the military frontier of Earth. " In duty forces were attributed to "watch and vigil Border "...

Cut almost in half, the entire region, runs through it from east to west, like meanders around the 45 th parallel, fast Kuban. Yes, the blessed land of Kuban kept strictly midway between the equator and the pole at a latitude of northern Italy and southern France.

In Krasnodar, a lot of famous people were born: famous athletes, including the champions of Europe and the world, a composer, writer and others.

Here, too, was born Anna Netrebko - the world-famous Russian opera singer (soprano). In 2007, Anna Netrebko was included in the list of 100 most influential people in the world of the American magazine Time. Today, Anna Netrebko sings the best opera houses of Vienna, Berlin, London, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia. She performs with the world's largest conductors, including Valery Gergiev, James Levine, Seiji Ozawa, Nikolaus Arnonkur, Zubin Mehta, Colin Davis, Claudio Abbado. In 2006, Anna received a second nationality (Austria) and now resides in Vienna.


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Valaam Island.

Valaam Island is located in the Republic of Karelia on the north end of Lake Ladoga. Getting to the island not be difficult, of St. Petersburg is constantly going cruise ships, from the city of Petrozavodsk you can do so using the bus.

Valaam - a picturesque place of the old in Finland. You will meet an entirely new nature, which does not happen to see only traveled to Russia: a wild, sullen, which show inspired, severe beauty - steep cliffs, steep, covered with forests, tend to lake, safe from all sides with granite walls of the bays, which quietly doze net as a mirror of water, while in the lake a terrible storm is raging.

You will see a large monastery on the cliff high above covered with white moss, now treated by monks. On a steep slope of Mount granite staircase leads to the monastery. The emergence of the Valaam Monastery belongs to the early days of Christian education in Russia.

The area of the Valaam archipelago consisting of more than 50 islands, is 36 km2. On the largest island of Valaam accounted for 2 / 3 of the area - 27,8 km 2. The length of the island of 9.6 km, width - 7.8 km.

On the island there are more than 480 plant species, many have been cultivated by monks. The island is covered mainly with coniferous forests (about 65% - pine), in 1965 as a natural reserve.
In the islands rich history. In 7 of the. He belonged to the city of Novgorod, in the early 17 century. it took the Swedes (monastery destroyed them in 1611). First 18. Balaam became again the Russian territory, in 1715 the monastery was restored. In 1918 the island was captured belofinny, and only in 1940, he returned to Russia. In 1979, on the island of Valaam create museum-reserve, which is very popular with many tourists.

Far beyond Russia spread the glory of the true jewel of Ladoga - the island of Valaam. The beauty of his harsh backward rocks, towering over the expanses of Lake Ladoga, the mighty pine and spruce virgin forests, as close to untouched corners of nature - lush gardens and leafy avenues of trees planted caring monk hands, do not leave indifferent. And among the incredible beauty of the bell-towers and domes of the main Cathedral of the monastery - the Transfiguration, the blue domes of a rival with the blue of the northern sky.

Video: Great Russ - 54 cities, the overall appearance.

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The main attractions of the "Golden Ring "of Russia.

"Golden Ring" of Russia - more than 30 years, is one of the most popular tourist routes, which combines the ancient cities of Central Russia. In total more than 20 cities, but most were visited eight cities: Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal and Vladimir, the rest of the list is controversial.

They are all connecting roads, build a symbolic circle in which each city shine its rich history and sights, and together make up the treasury of Russian culture.

To drive the entire route, more than 1000 km, you'll need to spend about a month. Picture Russian cities, and rated the country and abroad. Rapidly built hotels, campsites and restaurants. In Suzdali and Rostov ever built for the tourist complex samples.

The easiest way to travel the Golden Ring by car, such as Suzdal and Pereslavl Zaleski can be reached only by car. In large cities can be reached by rail. From Moscow, go commuter train to Vladimir. Suburban train Moscow - Yaroslavl passes through Sergiev Posad, Alexandrov, Rostov Veliky.

Uglich, Rybinsk, Tutayev, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ples faces on the Volga, Murom is located on the shores of the Oka. Visit these cities included in the program of river cruises. Not for nothing river cruises are often confused with the Golden Ring route.

Recently, in the cities of Golden Ring of Russia intensively developed tourist industry, so in almost any city you can find sightseeing, affordable hotel, cafe or restaurant. For the same reason, the prices of these services is quite high, especially in Vladimir and Suzdal.

History of the Golden Ring is very exciting, it includes cultural and architectural heritage of Russia. Despite the hard times of wars and disasters, many of the unique centuries-old architecture and historical treasures are preserved till today. Undoubtedly, it is worth visiting the city of the Golden Ring to see all these monuments of their eyes, to enjoy the architecture, arts, painting, see the old icons of the great ancient masters.